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WYLETE is Strength, Conditioning, and Nutrition for the Wyoming Athlete. We believe in athlete development, which refers to training and building healthy, well rounded athletes. We also prioritize sports performance, ensuring each athlete is able to maximize their individual potential. Ultimately, we are passionate about providing opportunity to the athletes of the cowboy state!
WYLETE was founded in Laramie, Wyoming, but offers a wide variety of state wide athlete training services, including: individual and small group athlete training; sports performance classes for middle school, high school, and college athletes; online training plans and all-inclusive coaching for athletes who are unable to train on-site; general and sport specific athlete camps; athlete training presentations; and athlete consulting services for schools, teams, and club sports.
Team Effort
WYLETE is not just a building with training tools or a group of young trainers with little to no real world athlete success or coaching experience. We are a team of professionals, with a proven track record of sustaining low injury rates and for helping athletes make outstanding progress. We are not guessing and we do not provide random workouts. We utilize proven strategies to develop complete and periodized training programs that produce successful athletes and trigger superior sports performance.
Our team of trusted advisors and brand partners allow us to be your one stop shop and resource for everything related to the Wyoming athlete. From top level sport specific team coaches, physical therapists and athlete recruiting advisors, to brands that offer superior value in gear and supplements, we have every aspect of athlete development and sports performance covered for you.
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