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Our proven athlete training programs can get you there!

The #1 focus for Athlete Training at Transform307 is SAFETY.  We achieve this by emphasizing proper technique, balanced programming, and exercises known to aid injury prevention.  Our next Athlete Training priority is to help our athletes reach their Athletic Potential!  Depending upon the age and goals of the athlete, we may use broad or sport specific components of the athletic training continuum.  We begin working with our youngest athletes at 8 years, focusing on basic techniques and movement.  As athlete training age, maturity, and ability increase, we move on to more advance training.  Areas of focus can include:

Movement Awareness ~ Change of Direction ~ Coordination ~ Flexibility ~ Mobility ~ Balance ~ Stability ~ Speed ~ Agility ~ Quickness ~ Acceleration ~ Strength ~ Power ~ Stamina ~ Strength Endurance ~ Bio-Mechanics ~ Explosive Speed ~ Maximum Velocity

If you are serious about taking your athletic potential to the next level, or making sure your young athlete has the best preparation for the upcoming season, we have the knowledge, experience and program to make it happen regardless of age, gender, limitation, sport or natural ability!  Contact us today and be sure to mention our 20% discount for athletes ages 8-18.

One-on-One Personal Training4 Sessions (1 x Per Week)$200
One-on-One Personal Training8 Sessions (2 x Per Week)$380
One-on-One Personal Training12 Sessions (3 x Per Week)$540
Partner Personal Training4 Sessions (1 x Per Week)$130 Per Person
Partner Personal Training8 Sessions (2 x Per Week)$250 Per Person
Partner Personal Training12 Sessions (3 x Per Week)$360 Per Person
  • Matt has taken our team to the next level strength and conditioning wise. We are reaching new heights, literally. We have a couple of players who have increased their vertical by over three inches and some of our athletes’ squat maximums have doubled. The amazing thing is that this increase happened during our season and not during our off season workouts. It is truly amazing. – Marci Henry – Athletic Director – Northeastern Junior College

  • Matt Hartsky is one of the biggest keys to the success of our program. Not only do our players get stronger through weight training, but they are also trained in the use of core muscles and flexibility, which is commonly overlooked in the training of athletes. The difference in our athletes from the time they step on campus to the time they leave, is visible in the way they look and perform.
    Having a strength and conditioning coach who has a personal concern for the success for each individual athlete as Matt does is a definite intangible for our program. He takes the time to make sure that each athlete is getting what they need for their individual success. Any opportunity athletes get to participate in training such as this, should jump on it and results will be evident. His work is a huge part of our 2009 Region 9 Championship!!! Thanks Matt. – Bryan Shepherd – Head Baseball Coach – Northeastern Junior College

  • Over the course of the 2007 NJC Volleyball Season, with the help of Matt and his workouts, I increased my squat maximum from 175 lbs. to 340 lbs. I also added 2 inches to my vertical.
    Thanks so much for everything Matt. You are a huge reason why I had the success I did this volleyball season. – Addi Radke, #2 NJC Volleyball 2007