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Training for Abs

While nothing turns heads like a well defined, full set of abs, getting those abs is easier said than done.  In order to help you get there, lets uncover a few training myths, briefly touch on the most important piece of obtaining abs, and provide you with some beneficial ab training.

The Biggest Loser Lie

Dropping extreme amounts of weight over a short period of time can be dangerous.  Moreover, if the way in which you lose weight isn’t healthy and balanced, the changes are not likely to stick.  Keep your goals realistic within your specific situation.

Benefits of Partner Training

Some people believe that the best things come in twos and perhaps the same can be said about working out. Having a training partner means having someone to walk through the journey of physical fitness with. Someone who not only understands the struggle but is going through it with you.

How to Find a Quality Personal Trainer Near Me

People choose to work with a personal trainer for different reasons. Whether you’re a professional athlete, looking for motivation and consistency or in need or professional training assistance, finding a personal trainer near you is imperative. More importantly, you should not just look for any personal trainer near you, but one with the skills and expertise to ensure you get your desired results.

Training Tips for Women

While exercise is equally important for everyone, irregardless of gender, the effectiveness of your workout will partly be influenced by your sex. Due to our physiological differences, men and women do not burn fat or build muscle the same way. This means that, there are some exercises that will work better for one sex than the other. We have compiled some of the considerations and training tips for ladies when looking to build the best fitness program for women.

What is a Success Story?

I am often asked, “What is the your best personal training success story?” From a coaches point of view, I love the process of pursuing the goal.  I feel privileged to take part in this process and observe ordinary people accomplish tasks they never thought they could.  Every day, I see people do things someone says they couldn’t or shouldn’t.  I believe everyone has tremendous potential, because they prove me right all the time.  There is no better success story than watching someone’s self belief grow.

Fitness Thru Conditioning

Building a high level of fitness requires a shift from traditional cardio training.  Many people detest traditional “cardio” but every time I go into a gym, the cardio section is usually full, and the weight area is somewhat like a ghost town. In order to reach our goal of top fitness, we actually need to focus on conditioning.

21 Days to a Successful Workout Program

I often have personal training clients tell me that they just haven’t been able to stick with a workout program.  However, I often find they only gave it a week or two.  Yet, researchers tell us it takes at least 21 days (or approximately 3 weeks) for an activity to become habit.

10 Fitness Motivation Tips

Struggling with motivation lately?  Its understandable, and also known as the middle of winter training blues.  Here are ten tips to help get you out the door and keep you going once you’re there.