Category: How We Transform

The Jeralyn Egger Story

In 2008, I was a 5’ 1” 51-year-old woman, weighing in at 181 lbs. and careening wildly towards 200 lbs.  Getting out of cars and chairs, going down stairs, and getting up off the floor, were becoming increasingly difficult. One day as I was carrying my 1 ½ yr. old granddaughter down a steep flight…
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How We Transform: The Chris Hamann Story

204 to 144 or My Journey Out of Defeat. March 2, 2019: Sporting my new Transform307 t-shirt and my new Fancy Pants race tights, standing on my new skis, I was freezing my nose and ears on the starting line of the West Yellowstone Rendezvous Nordic Marathon. I was going to race the 25KM Classic…
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