Who is Coach Matt Hartsky?

“Hello! My name is “Coach” Matt Hartsky and I am honored that with the vast number of fitness experts in the world, you have taken the time to read about me.
I have spent most of my life trying to transform in one way or another. It started as a passion to transform into a better athlete. It became about transforming into a better man… husband, father, friend. In my work life, I have chased the idea of transforming into a better leader and a top level coach. As a coach, a huge part of who I am is about transforming people… physically, mentally, emotionally… into the best versions of themselves.

My personal training and fitness coaching philosophy is two pronged: I believe in minimizing risk of injury, while maximizing individual potential.

Over the last 24+ years as a personal trainer and professional fitness coach, I have helped thousands of people transform towards better health and fitness. I have helped a woman lose more than 200 pounds. I have coached countless athletes to perform better. I have helped people with a multitude of illnesses including cancer, MS, Crohn’s Disease, Arthritis, and Osteoporosis. I have helped clients recover from heart attacks and strokes. I have helped many older adults recover from major surgeries, including back, knee, shoulder, and hip. And I have even helped to prevent some of those same surguries from taking place. And I have helped many, many more lose fat, gain muscle, and change their lives forever.
I am completely committed to helping people through fitness. Every client I coach, every article I write, and every video I film: I am here to help you make your life better.”

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Matt Hartsky, CSCS, Owner & Coach

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