Corporate Wellness Programs

At Transform307, we provide your employees with user-friendly, practical health and fitness information they can implement immediately. Our wellness tools are instrumental in a successful health and wellness program. A regular ‘diet’ of workout sessions, educational seminars, and health and fitness emails/newsletters scheduled into your monthly meetings, conferences, and agendas will keep health and fitness a priority in your employees’ lives.
At most gyms, a corporate partnership is nothing more than a discounted gym membership. At Transform307, we offer customized Corporate Wellness Memberships.

Transform307 Corporate Wellness Membership
At Transform307 we can provide your business with a complete wellness package:
E-Mails on current health, wellness and nutrition tips and strategies.
Private Facebook Accountability Group for your business.
In House Group Training Program: If you have a conference room that can fit a majority of your employees, you can host group training classes.  Price varies depending on the number of employee’s and classes.
Lunch and Learn Seminars on a “Hot Topic” that will uncover any health and fitness myths that you and your staff may be wondering about.  Educate you employee’s on how to look better, feel better, manage stress, achieve balance in their lives and improve their overall fitness – physically, mentally and spiritually. This directly translates into a better working environment for all!
Lunch and Move Sessions:  Imagine your employee’s laughing and having fun together while learning effective hands on strategies to better their health.  The information they gain through this fun and interactive presentation gives your employee’s immediate information they can implement into their current fitness/wellness program.
Team Building Boot-Camps:  Provide you and your staff with a fun and exciting way to build strong employee bonds with one another while learning even more fitness and wellness strategies. Our Corporate Boot Camps provide a great way for your company to build morale, confidence, and unity with one another, all with a wellness focus.
Fitness Challenges:  Does Your team respond to a little Challenge? Let us help kick start a Challenge that will get your employee’s on track for better wellness!  Challenges can be 6-12 week company or department wide with a focus on building better habits, general fitness or weight loss.  We can help reward individual and/or department success.
Health and Wellness Newsletter your employees can take home and share with their families. We can even add a special section featuring your health and wellness priorities.

Corporate Wellness Pricing Options
Transform307 offers custom pricing for on-site classes and corporate challenges based on your company’s specific interests, class duration, class frequency, etc. We typically like to arrange an introductory meeting to gather information and then submit a formal proposal with rate quote.
CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY:  Transform307 bills the employer for all memberships on a monthly basis, or the employer can pay in advance for the year. Employers can be reimbursed by their employees through payroll deductions.
DUAL RESPONSIBILITY:  Your organization will split a percentage of the membership fees with your employees. This can be arranged so that you pay as much or as little as you like.
PREFERRED VENDOR:  Transform307 will establish your organization as a preferred vendor, giving your employees a discounted membership rate and enrollment fee. Employees will be responsible for paying membership fees in their entirety.
* * We highly recommend that companies contribute some financial incentive as even a minimal contribution has a significant impact on employee participation. This can be either a recurring financial incentive or a one-time assistance at the start of the membership. We can also accommodate one-time payments at any point in the future, and most companies use this option for employee rewards, end of quarter/year bonuses, or performance-based incentives.

Another convenient option is to simply
Hire Us To Speak.
Not afraid to tell it like we see it from more than 20 years of fitness and nutrition coaching and personal training experience, our wellness presentations are entertaining and thought-provoking, rooted in the notion of eating and exercising on purpose to ensure a long term path to success, health, and happiness. We will leave your audience entertained, educated, inspired, and begging for more.  Presentation styles can include: Corporate Event Presentations, School/Team Focused, Motivational Speaking, Keynote Speaking, Lunch and Learns, or Fireside Chats.

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