Training Variety Personal Trainer

The Importance of Training Variety

For the beginning exerciser and gym veteran alike, a couple of the biggest fitness training challenges lie in either deciding what to do for the workout or changing up the old routine.

We have all heard stories of a few people who reached their weight loss or performance goals by doing the same thing over and over (running, for example).  However, while consistency is a critically important piece of the fitness training puzzle, most people fail to meet their health and wellness goals for the lack of a smart training plan that involves consistent change, also known as VARIETY.

Whether we are talking about the performance athlete trying to gain strength, speed, or mass or the average person trying to get to their ideal weight range, workout variety is a key ingredient in reaching the fitness goal.  Bodies forced to work in a different way, adapt to grow stronger and leaner.

In working with thousands of clients over the past 22 years, I have never had a client do the same workout twice.  We constantly change and adapt.  Following the “training variety is king” guideline helps my clients to eliminate the plateau effect and continue to progress in their fitness level.  My clients stay more motivated by utilizing variety, and constantly add new exercise tools to their knowledge toolbox of workouts.

The best thing about jumping on the change band wagon is the freedom you have to vary your workout based on how you feel or scheduling changes.  In addition, training variety allows you to search out new ways to shift your routine.  There really are thousands of exercises that can be combined in creative ways to spark your motivation and maximize exercise effectiveness.

The healthiest individuals from a social and psychological view point are those who are most well rounded.  Their lives are balanced.  Thus, it makes sense that exercise (and nutrition) should be balanced too.  Placing too much emphasis in one area of fitness can leave you lacking in other areas, whether it be flexibility, strength, conditioning, or endurance.  Couple the importance of balance with the knowledge that most folks who quit an exercise program, do so because of boredom.  Basically, lack of training variety is a prerequisite for failure; if not in the form of motivation, certainly with regards to progress.

Mix it up.  Whether you search the internet or hire a professional coach or personal trainer to guide you, a few minutes spent planning to add variety to your workouts will be your best companion on your quest for better strength, conditioning, health and wellness.