Learn How to Eat On Purpose with Transform307 Nutrition Coaching

Transform307 nutrition coaching is included with ALL one-on-one personal training.  For all other clients including those in classes, those utilizing online coaching, or if you only want to tackle your nutrition at this time, we offer this a la carte coaching option. 

Our nutrition guidance will help you wade through the sea of nutrition mis-information and guide you towards life-long eating success. The Eating On Purpose nutritional philosophy is built on proven eating strategies and back by more than 24 years of coaching experience and work with thousands of clients. We believe our system can be adapted for any situation and every goal, from healthy weight loss to athletic performance.

What is included with Nutrition Coaching?

Transform307 nutrition coaching is a systematic approach and includes the following steps:

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Step 1:

The first step in the nutrition coaching process is to meet with you for a one hour consultation at our office in Laramie, Wyoming. During this consult we will ask to learn more about your existing day to day eating habits, discuss your goals and any cahllenges you might be facing.

Transform307 Personal Training Recipes

Step 2:

The next step will be outlining the prominent features of the Eating On Purpose philosophy that are most important to your situation; giving you the background and knowledge necessary to understand and use our nutrition recommendations.

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Step 3:

Based on the information we receive from you during your consultation, including your age, weight, current body fat percentage, energy requirements, and goals, we will design your custom nutrition coaching program and provide a written hard copy that outlines your specific eating recommendations and reiterates the most important points discussed during your consult.

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Step 4:

After receiving your coaching plan, we will ask you to proceed with the recommendations, and to keep a written journal, accounting for meal frequency, eating times, and whole food quantities of the foods you eat. No calorie counting on your part is needed! We handle the prescribed quantities so you can focus on learning whole food adjustment.

Transform307 Nutrition Coaching

Step 5:

The nutrition coaching process will be ongoing, where we will ask you to check-in a minimum of once per week with your food journal, noting any challenges and successes you experienced, and either your body weight or body fat percentage from a 3D spiral scan. We will provide feedback and any adjustments needed based off of your check-in.

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Step 6:

We will continue working with you on a weekly basis, making adjustments as needed and supporting you on your journey, until you have mastered the Eating On Purpose nutritional philosophy and have met your goals!

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