Laramie Personal Training Nutrition Coaching


At Transform307, in Laramie, we are passionate about helping our clients overcome their nutrition struggles!  We accomplish this by listening to your history, noting your current eating habits, asking lots of questions, and then developing a realistic plan to get you started in the right direction.  From here, we use strong communication, checkins, journal reviews, and solid education to make your nutrition changes part of a permanent lifestyle change.  If needed, you will also be provided with a complete breakdown of any nutritional supplements that fit your goals and needs.  We will continually work with you to make periodic adjustments that keep you moving closer to your goals.  After 22 years and thousands of clients later, we have been able to weed out what doesn’t work, and have only kept the most proven nutrition strategies.  Whether you are looking for healthy weight loss, muscle gain, better recovery, or performance, we can help.

1 Hour Nutrition Guidance

After working with thousands of clients over the last 22 years, we have found Nutrition Coaching to be the #1 most misunderstood and neglected part of any fitness program.  Our guidance is designed to help get you on the right track by eliminating a ton of mis-information, and packed with proven tools and tactics to help you break thru your struggles.

A few pieces of our session will cover:

  • Shifting your nutrition perspective.

  • Planning & Preparation.

  • Meal Timing.

  • Goal Setting.

  • Increasing energy, improving overall health and decreasing dependence on medications.

  • Your macronutrients: Carbohydrates and glucose needs, protein and amino acids, fats and their vital roles.

  • Vitamins from foods consumed and mineral intake requirements.

  • Specific nutrition population coaching including: vegetarians, pregnant and menopausal women, young and old, diabetics, and more.

1 Hour Detailed Nutrition Consult via Phone or In-Person

ONLY $50