Tactical Strength & Conditioning

Tactical Strength & Conditioning with Transform307 is specifically designed for the physical, nutritional, and mental needs of military, police, fire, protective services and other first responders to improve performance, promote wellness, and decrease injury risk.  This program is advanced personal training for our everyday heroes, who are looking for safe, top level coaching, to take their fitness to the next level.

Some train to win; others measure success by getting where they need to go and accomplishing the task they set out for.  Sometimes, we just need to survive.  No matter what the end goal, if it involves pushing the human body in extreme situations, you can count on a Battle.  How do you become Battle Ready?  Preparation.  We refer to it as the six P’s: Proper, Prior, Planning, Prevents Poor Performance.  In order to become Battle Ready, there is no substitute for intelligent planning that involves all of the components of the proper training continuum.

Tactical Strength & Conditioning is an advanced and rigorous training program designed to improve: Movement Awareness, Change of Direction, Coordination, Flexibility, Mobility, Balance, Stability, Speed, Agility, Quickness, Acceleration, Strength, Power, Stamina, and Strength Endurance.

Are you Battle Ready?

Battle Ready Training reflects a 15% discount in recognition and thanks to our service men and women.

One-on-One Personal Training4 Sessions (1 x Per Week)$170
One-on-One Personal Training8 Sessions (2 x Per Week)$323
One-on-One Personal Training12 Sessions (3 x Per Week)$459
Partner Personal Training4 Sessions (1 x Per Week)$110 Per Person
Partner Personal Training8 Sessions (2 x Per Week)$212 Per Person
Partner Personal Training12 Sessions (3 x Per Week)$306 Per Person