Meet Our Team of Coaches

Every highly qualified coach and personal trainer on the Transform307 team has been carefully selected to meet our strict coaching standards. You will not find any interns or basic trainers on our staff. When you place your trust in Transform307, you can rest assured you will be training under the guidance of the best team of professional coaches and personal trainers our area has to offer.

Selecting our Team

We require several elements from our coaches:
1) Highly qualified to coach or personal train in their specific area of fitness and/or nutrition.
2) Proven track record for caring about client safety and creating well rounded health.
3) History of professional attitude and behavior when working with clients, parents, other coaches, and members of our community.
4) Committment to learning, including peer advisement, research, and adaptation to relevant and prevelant fitness and nutrition related practices.

After learning more about our coaching staff below, please don’t hesitate to reach out to schedule a free consult. If you are ready to join us to minimize your risk of injury and maximize your individual potential, you can also learn more about our training programs and either join a class or begin training online today.

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