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Training Tips For Women

While exercise is equally important for everyone, irregardless of gender, the effectiveness of your workout will partly be influenced by your sex. Due to our physiological differences, men and women do not burn fat or build muscle the same way. This means that, there are some exercises that will work better for one sex than the other. We have compiled some of the considerations and training tips for ladies when looking to build the best fitness program for women.

Dietary Needs

What you eat while working out is essential to the results you hope to achieve. Popular belief is that carbohydrates are a great source of energy for those who regularly workout. Women, however, burn less carbohydrate and protein than men but they also burn more fat than men. So don’t shy away from the fats; if anything, take less carbs and proteins and you will definitely see better results.

Focus On High Reps

Many men and women who do not train have similar muscle fiber type distribution. However during strength training, a woman relies on type I fibers to a greater extent. This means that women are able to withstand fatigue better than men during strength training. Therefore, to get optimal results, women should perform higher reps for more sets during strength training.

Handling More Volume

Women have the hormone estrogen which is key in repairing muscle, reducing the break down of protein and protecting a woman’s muscles from damage. This means that women can handle training at a higher volume without experience muscle injury.

Many studies have shown that a woman can withstand stress training at full range of motion better than a man. Therefore don’t shy away from exercises that involve heavy contractions of your muscles because your body can tolerate that stress better than a man and give you better results than training with less volume.

Avoid Explosive Training

Women are not as explosive as men because their nervous system is less efficient. This means that men are able to generate force faster. The part of the brain that reins movement is larger in males than it is in females. During high intensity training such as powerlifting, men are able to do more reps and weight than women. Secondly, men recover faster from explosive exercises than women. It can take a woman up to 72 hours to recover from an explosive workout such as sprints. Women are therefore not well adapted to explosive training and should therefore not put too much emphasis in this area, to avoid risk of overtraining and sustaining injuries.

Pay More Attention To Conditioning

While women are not adapted to high intensity interval training, traditional cardio training works remarkably well for them. Studies have shown that women get better results from cardio training such as aerobics than men. In addition, cardio training plays a key role in managing the hormonal levels in women and consequently, women who invest heavily in cardio workouts tend to have better moods and are more emotionally and psychologically balanced.  This is not to say women should steer clear of hiit style workouts, but can simply derive more benefits from traditional cardio than men.

Whether you’re creating your own workout routine or working with a personal trainer, keep these five tips in mind to get the best results from your training as a woman.